Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Card Competition

So this year I have FAILED miserably to make even a single Christmas Card *hangs head in shame.* So I am going to accept defeat and buy even for close family as well as the few that I have already sent :(
For the sake of adding a picture here is a card I made in a previous year when I did actually make some.

To cheer me up (or make me feel even worse!) we thought we would have a little Christmas Comp. Upload a card you have made to your blog or online gallery and post a link in the comments section (along with your name) and we will choose one to receive a £10 ATDML gift voucher (Post Christmas Sale anyone?!?!?!)

The deadline for uploading and posting your link is Sarurday 22nd December at 6pm.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.

PS we may like to share some of the entries on the blog (with full credit of course) so please let us know in your comment if it CAN'T be shared.


  1. This might make you feel worse as I made over 80 cards to sell and over 100 for myself - 59 of them made in one weekend!!

    There are loads on my blog but have just blogged these today -

    and this is my favourite card so far for this year which I made for my Mum -

    Karen x

  2. This year I've had to make my Christmas cards a lot quicker and all the same due to a brand new baby. Hopefully people will appreciate that I've made them at all! (Although I confess to sending shop bought cards to a few people for the first time!) I've blogged here -

  3. I have made about 35 but am still going :) ...I really do need to tidy my craft table away for Christmas soon as it was our dining table!!
    I made a few today with papers left over from the retreat this year here:

  4. Since we've had the children I've resorted to a production line! In previous years I've made around 50-60. This year I made 30 as my son, Charlie, designed a beautiful card at school so that halved Mummy's work! LOL! I try and include a photo every year, I'm really pleased with this years!!
    Happy Christmas Mel & Jill! xxx

  5. This is the first year in well over a decade that I haven't managed to make all our cards, oh well!

    One that I did make is here

    Merry Christmas :)

  6. I've made a few Christmas cards this year, this being my favourite and here in an icy variation
    Merry Christmas to you all :o)

  7. I haven't made quite so many this year and for most of them I chose to do a nativity scene and heat embossed in gold. The card I have blogged today is my favourite from this year's makes.